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Now is the perfect time to make sure your boiler is working properly!

As we head into the warmer months, now is the perfect time to look at replacing your boiler, rather than in the busy winter months.

The team, led by David Turner and Leon Stones are always out and about making sure boilers are running efficiently and now is the perfect time to have your boiler serviced, and to help save money on heating bills during the colder months.

There’s never a good time of year to start to have trouble with your boiler – Christmas probably has to be the worse.

That was when Sarah Scholey found the Meadowhead property she shares with her partner had no hot water, thanks to its failing 13-year-old boiler.

Sarah had some cover for the appliance but found her problem was not on the priority list for repairs during the busiest period of the year. Frustrated, she cancelled and decided to give 1st Call Gas a try after flicking through the pages of this magazine and reading testimonials from highly satisfied customers in the area. An engineer from 1st Call Gas began by fitting a diverter valve in an attempt to extend the existing boiler’s life but this was not successful, and so it was decided a new Ideal boiler was the only solution.

The team were able to go out a few days later to Meadowhead to do the installation – a straightforward replacement in the same cupboard – and Sarah was shown how to operate the easy to use thermostat. Everything was done and dusted within a single day.

Sarah had enquired about a replacement for one of the home’s radiators before the new boiler was fitted but was advised to wait to see how it would perform once the job was done – and it’s now heating up perfectly!

Sarah said: “It’s wonderful to be able to have a hot shower again and not have to go to my sister’s! 1st Call Gas were very good and I’d definitely recommend them and use them again. I’ll be asking them to do the servicing. 1st Call Gas provides a swift and reliable response, from fitting full heating systems to servicing and repairs.”

The company also handles commercial work with the recent expansion enabling tendering for bigger contracts.

1st Call Gas has a wide range of accreditations including the coveted Which? Trusted Trader accolade.

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