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Unvented Hot Water Systems

1st Call Gas engineers can install, test and handover a fully-working unvented hot water system within one week.

Unvented hot water systems work directly from the main water supply and are essentially, a storage cylinder for hot water. The water pressure and flow rate is much stronger than vented cylinders, because unvented systems have a direct feed from the mains supply of water – which makes it more hygienic too.

The features and benefits of an unvented hot water system include;

• Mains water pressure at your taps

• No need for a cold water storage tank

• Safety features and controls

• Fast reheat times

• Minimal heat loss

We have installed numerous unvented hot water systems to homes in Sheffield and beyond. We’d be happy to discuss your requirements and provide a no-obligation quote.

Unvented Hot Water System

For more information and a competitive quote on our unvented hot water systems services, please get in touch;

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